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ABSOLUTE WELLNESS, 2501 Kemp Blvd, Wichita Falls, TX

We are honored to have Absolute Wellness joining us πŸ™Œ They have always supported our vision. Many times, giving vouchers for benefits we have hosted, as well as our showcase we hosted in July. We look forward to having them run a fundraiser the same Saturday of the month we are hosting JOKES AND STROKES FOR FOLKS @ Hilltop Barn To help us spread awareness of and what we are doing for our artists. If you show this coupon- they will donate $1 from each smoothie purchased. Must show this photo πŸ“Έ These funds will help us be able to reduce our overhead and artists contributing financially to our seminar retreats. We want to truly be able to give back to these artists, in a world trying to drown out our voices. We want to equip them with the tools and network, to not be alone on their journey, and it not be as much of a grind πŸ˜‰ 5% of artists get 1k views on their Spotify. It takes a village. If you know an artist in your community with a special story, let them know about us.

Grab a voucher and enjoy a smoothie! Show them your voucher for $1 to be donated to