10 year anniversary finale!!

Artist Entry $20 for Friday Dec 20 - Open Enrollment

2 original songs and the stories behind them - send submission to texasbrewradio@gmail.com 

We have our 3 Female & Male Artists who won a ticket straight to Saturdays' Finale! 

Our next 6 spots to go straight to the finale will take a team effort! - Grab a friend and collaborate on a song and enter Aug 17 songwriters celebration!

All other entries will battle it out to be the top three Friday Dec 20, to head to the finale on the 21st!

open genre- registration open

We are excited for the future of the Texas State Songwriter Championship.  We are proud of our artists, and look forward to using our platform to promote them, and give back to the community!

This year, we will be hosting 4 shows.

Female Vocalist of the Year- Preliminary for Female Entries March 16
Top 3
Payton Riley Music
Kaitlyn Jewett Band
Kylie D Hart

Male Vocalist of the Year ~ Preliminary for Male Entries May 18
Top 3
Marley Gilles 
Jason Jobst
Tylan Anzadula

Collaboration of the Year ~ Preliminary for Finale Entertainment
-our last 6 spots for a guarantee for Saturday Finale! Top 3 pairs GO!

Finale~ multiple day event of contest and talent!
Friday night preliminary round- artist registration open, top 3 go to Saturday FINALE! ~last year we had people lined up out to the street 3 hours before the show started!


We look forward to helping so many artists this year and growing our network!  We couldn't do what we do without the support of the fans and community.  As well as, our sponsors and artists!

We will be announcing more about this show soon.

Artist Entry $20.  Please submit 2 mp3 original songs to cynthiatexaspromoter@gmail.com for consideration.
And put the subject as Male/Female/Collaboration Qualifier.

If you are chosen, you will be sent an invoice and listed as a performing artist on the website, and in the event. 
And, we will get you added to the team, to help assist your journey.

If you are an internet radio and want to be a support station for FREE, email cynthiatexaspromoter@gmail.com to find out how!


$25 a month or $200 for the year.

Commercial Spot Spins on Texas Brew Radio 24/7 in rotation
A spot on the bottom of our site in the sponsors section.

A spot in the sponsor folder in Fort Worth Events Group sponsor folder that will be shared randomly with the group throughout the year.

You will also be listed in the event as a sponsor - (additional spot to stay permanently on the site) on the site and  facebook event-

If you have any further questions let me know.

When you are ready to commit, I can either send you an invoice with these details or you can send the payment to texasbrewradio@gmail.com via paypal and we will get you set up.

Cynthia 940-629-3689

Looking forward to starting 2024 with great things in store for the songwriters in Texas!

Female Finalists 

Male         Finalists