postponed until the fall- 

Rick Orozco was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the young age of twenty and has spent most of his adult life composing and recording music with many of his musical heroes.

Enjoy a weekend getaway all about music!! - 
Kumbayafest is Friday June 7 - $5 entry -It is open for the public at 5pm - 
4-5pm is artists only- Songwriters sit down workshop with 5x grammy nominated songwriter, Rick Orozco -
He's going to sit down with the songwriters and give tips and tricks and work on songwriting for the first hour.
From 5-7pm we open it to the public for a small acoustic concert.
He's still going to target this to songwriters as well.
Singing a song, telling the story behind it, and going over some of the adversity and learning tricks in the process of the song production.
7pm Founder of TSSC - Ninja Cowboys- gives history of the songwriters championship and performance for an hour - song swap with former TSSC guest.
After that open artists entry- must get $5 ticket-
Artists can pop up and jam, or sign up and get listed as a guest artist for the night on the site!
This is a songwriters celebration - and a well achieved songwriter giving back to the songwriting community in efforts to help our organization reach and help the future songwriters of the world!
All artists will have video promotion on our social media platforms for attending.
You won't get an experience like this anywhere else for $5!
Join Texas Brew Radio & Horus Hall in our efforts to support the independent songwriters and combat the A1 development in the music industry~ and keep the songs and stories ALIVE!!
Our organization is a big artist's support network.
With a strong focus on mental health and creating a music family!
Our efforts to revitalize the Fort Worth Music Scene are NOT going unnoticed! Join us and get some of the spotlight or enjoy a listening room of all original music! 
Friday June 7th - at Horus Hall
GRAB YOUR TICKETS - and join the show or come enjoy it!
Saturday we have JOKES AND STROKES FOR FOLKS - Music, Comedy, Games & More!  - starts at 7pm!

Ninja cowboys- founder of tssc- 7pm-8pm live